Designed for a young & growing family in central part of Singapore, the design attempts to address the unique site conditions of receiving both privileged surrounding views as well as undesirable view of adjacent MRT louvered façade.

A key design driver was to strategically maximise & enhance the views from as many areas of the home as possible, and shield off undesirable views.

The design solution was by creating a series of tall slanting walls to form a series of portal frames that direct and frame desirable views of surrounding Stevens road for the interior spaces. Finished in off-formed concrete, the gritty surfaces of these walls contrast with the warm texture of aluminium wood grain cladding.

The house is intended to breathe and open to the climate as much as possible. The first storey is conceived as a large verandah with an open living & dining that is well-ventilated & shielded only by intricate louver screens.

On upper storeys, the house opens to the side which accommodates a series of courtyards, terraces and gardens. The terraces become outdoor living areas that indoor rooms can open up completely. Boundaries between inside & outside is all but dissolved.

Inspired by Chinese Su Zhou Gardens, the design seeks to create a calm and meditative abode that has a feeling of openness and being in close connection with Nature. Within the house, meandering routes, courtyards, & pocket-sized miniature gardens were employed to create interesting paths around the house. As one moves within the spaces, these paths helps to shape unique living experiences.

Louvered shutters were employed to accommodate varied climatic conditions, allowing owners to open or close up spaces as the weather changes.

The layout was well-considered to offer versatility, flexibility and a myriad of spaces to accommodate large gatherings as well as spaces for private focused work, creativity & relaxation.

The Verandah House is the outcome of a rigorous creative process, balancing transparency with a sheltering sense of refuge, akin to the ‘yin’ & ‘yang’ concept of duality. In doing so, we seek to design a space where every family member can live, work and enjoy meaningful experiences of family togetherness daily.