Mark 12 Architects is a design-focused architectural firm in Singapore known for creating well-crafted, bespoke contemporary homes.

The boutique practice was established by Clement Koh, who graduated from the National University of Singapore, specialising in both the architecture and interior design of residential landed houses. Clement is a registered architect in Singapore and member of the Singapore Institute of Architects.

Before starting his practice, Clement had worked at several renowned architecture firms in Singapore. Clement has had over ten years of experience leading various projects both locally and overseas. Over the past years, the firm’s projects have become known for designing elegant and distinctive spaces.

Mark 12 Architects’ homes are thoughtfully designed, with a reverence for materials, art, craft, the experience of built space and our relationship to landscape. Our work is deeply rooted in the grounds of careful planning and rigorous pursuit of conceptual clarity. Each project begins with a strong architectural concept, and the conceptual theme flows seamlessly throughout the home, both in the overall form, and in the way materials are used, which resonate from interior to exterior. Extensive knowledge in complex detailing bring designs to life, aided by photo-realistic renderings which enables clients to view, and understand the vision, well before construction begins.

Mark 12 regards every project as a separate design inquiry, the outcome of which is a design that is timeless, unique and personal. Our passion for design results in highly tailored and personalised works for each of our projects, well-suited to the individual homeowner.