Inspired by the surrounding nature and calmness that it evokes, this pair of elevated semi-detached at 1 Thomson Walk is an exploration of wabi-sabi, a Japanese philosophy that encapsulates embracing the flaws and imperfections.   

Wabi-sabi conveys the idea of aesthetic appreciation of ageing, flaws, and the beauty of the effects of time and imperfections.  

Derived from extensive and detailed analysis of the site and clients’ interests, the building gives the appearance of an urban sculpture. Off-form concrete, formed with rough sawn boards were used on the façade to relate to the neighbourhood.  

In the interiors, apertures of various sizes lined one wall, offering inhabitants a peek to the outside world. The master bedroom also opens out to a balcony overlooking the park, inviting views of the verdant park opposite into the space.

Photography | Choo Weiguang