Minimalist House

In the design ethos of Dieter Rams “Less but Better”, the house at 33, Burnfoot Terrace is minimalist in design language & pragmatic in structure. 

This reconstruction project gives a timely update to both the look and spatial layout to meet the needs of a young and growing family, whilst catering much room for future expansion.

Conceived as two simple intersecting masses with a restrained, monochromatic palette, the design is straightforward yet sensually attuned.   

In the interiors, double volume voids were carved out to create open, bright and airy spaces. The existing structures were meticulously studied and retained. Walls were removed to open up the living spaces. On the 2nd storey, the master bedroom overlooks the living, in a new double-volume void created, allowing for intimate connections between floors by the family. 

The house is infused with light and air, allowing for a pleasant living experience in Singapore’s tropical climate. Rain is kept at bay with large overhanging aluminium roof that also provides ample shade in the hot afternoons.

A new staircase lined with bookshelves in a double volume void connects all floors together, with a light well that invites abundant daylight into the interiors.