This pair of 3-storeys semi-detached house with a basement is located at Jalan Angin Laut, eastern part of Singapore. The natural sloping terrain allows for a partially submerged basement to be formed.   

The design balances transparency & privacy; openness & enclosure as it seeks to filter noise from nearby busy road, MRT viaducts & offers protection from the climate. 

The house features an efficient and thoughtful floor plan that allows for flexibility in layout as well as accommodate a rich variety of outdoor spaces such as balconies and roof terraces, allowing for one to commune with nature. This makes the cosy yet minimalist-inspired residence a conducive environment suited for modern living.   

On the exterior, the design features distinctive clean lines & a layered façade comprising of a careful composition of boxes and frames that reveal the inner living spaces.   

Rain is kept at bay through the use of extensive roof eaves coupled with a series of vertical sun-shading fins that also serves to offer protection against the west sun & safeguard privacy of the owners.   

In all, the design forms a cohesive & sophisticated look and creates a modern identity for these houses.