Located at Lorong Marzuki, eastern part of Singapore, the house comprises of 3-storey with mezzanine and attic.

The design seeks to take advantage of URA envelope control guidelines to maximise the allowable interior floor area, yet providing a conducive environment suited for modern living. The house features an efficient and thoughtful floor plan that allows for flexibility in layout as well as a rich variety of outdoor spaces.

Nature is everywhere in this house as gardens, courtyards and terraces are peppered throughout the house on every level. Having these “in-between” spaces, blurs the boundaries between interior & exterior, creates a myriad of outdoor spaces, thereby enriches the living experiences. Rooms are infused with daylight & air & enjoys either views of surrounding or interior courtyard. A double-volume living room. Double-volume voids were carved out of living spaces to create living room with high ceilings and courtyards.

Façade design adopt a contemporary minimalist design language. Intricate louvers screens wrapped around the façade act as a privacy screen, allowing light but not views from neighbour to enter.

In post-Covid era homes, where homeowners may be home for extended periods of time (even to work, live & play) it’s important the design of the house not only offer spaces to commune but also spaces for private work or quiet contemplation. It has to be versatile, flexible and offers a diversity of spaces to allow for relaxation, work and creativity.

Photography | Choo Weiguang