The brief for this three-storey semi-detached was to address the busy Upper Changi Road facing the front of the house while providing a place of refuge away from its hustle and bustle of the city.  

Designed as a pair of semi-detached houses to meet the growing spatial needs of families, the layout seeks to create tranquil retreat while allowing homeowners to enjoy the energising effects of surrounding views.  

In order to create an expansive and open home, the living, dining and dry kitchen areas are designed as an open, contiguous space. High ceilings and large openings were introduced to invite ample light, and natural ventilation into all the floors.   

It’s important for the functional planning and layout to allows for large gatherings as well as discreet separation of spaces for the client and inter-generational family.   

The façade design is expressed as a composition of punctuations of varying sizes and depths. The openings comprise of covered balconies, planters, window openings and sliding glass doors.   

Bedrooms have attached balconies. At the attic, large roof terraces allow for hosting and spill-over activities from the entertainment room.   

The façade design comprises of large overhanging eaves, balconies & vertical fins & cladding, which were derived as a climatic response to offer protection from the West Sun. The sharp edges, clean lines and wood-like louvers break the monotony of the massing, & form a distinctive design for the house.  

At the car-porch, a feature wall shields the 1st storey from the noise & visual mess of the main road. This, together with the white noise generated by the water feature and koi pond, and front garden creates a calming ambiance upon entering the house.  

The design exudes an understated elegance and thoughtfulness to the tropics; a celebration of Nature, Space, Light and Materials.