Nestled in a serene estate at Central Singapore, opposite a verdant park, the design for this abode was Nature inspired & Nature-focused.

A tranquil retreat from the city, the design seeks to evoke a sense of openness; a mood that’s relaxing yet invigorating.

At the entrance approach, a large void carved out of the car porch roof balcony frames view of the foliage beyond & invites ample lighting into the living interiors.

1st floor is opened up for modern open plan living. Particular emphasis were placed on crafting brightly-lit and well-ventilated interior spaces. On 2nd floor, the building enjoys lush views of park in front which the design naturally took advantage of. Glass floors were employed at various interior spaces to allow more light to penetrate the mid-levels.

Interiors are subtle and sophisticated. A restrained palette with neutral hues and clean lines evoke a feeling of calmness.

Having gone through a rigorous and collaborative design process, the original cookie cutter unit has been transformed into an elegant and summery home, personalised for the owners.