Champs Élysées, a pair of bungalows nestled in the neighbourhood of Trevose, was designed as an urban sanctuary, away from the hustle & bustle of the city.

The design expresses the ideas of simplicity & serenity beautifully in the form of sublime details. Embracing opportunities for advantageous surrounding green views while allowing one to appreciate & enjoy nature intimately in his own dwelling, these homes are a calm refuge.

Nature is everywhere in these houses. Large internal courtyard and balconies are interconnected at various heights. This creates unique living experiences, erasing the boundaries between indoor & outdoor spaces with balconies becoming extensions of the rooms. Greenery infuse, intertwine and enrich the everyday living experiences. The large but odd-shape plot of land presented an opportunity for us to create façade screens formed by glass bricks. This becomes the unique design feature of the house.

Designed to provide privacy and tranquility, the glass bricks are laid in a staggered manner to form perforated façade screens. This shields the interior from prying eyes and introduces natural ventilation to interiors.

The design of Champs Elysee is uniquely shaped by its location, site and the design concept. As with all our works, we strive to craft a home that balances thoughtful & well-considered internal layouts with a distinctive façade design that give the homes an identity & an alluring quality.