Residing in the tranquil estate of Toh Drive, at eastern part of Singapore, the bungalow is sited on a natural sloping terrain. With a plot width of 18m, the residence enjoys advantageous panoramic views of the surrounding.

The 2-storey bungalow with an attic & basement was designed to be a cosy & inviting sanctuary for a young family. A flexible & functional open plan layout coupled with high ceiling & large windows imbue the spaces with a sense of openness.

The views & natural characteristics of the site inspires the design of the façade to provide curated panoramic views of surrounding via carefully framed views. Minimalist design language using clean lines creates a modern & contemporary look to this dwelling, reflecting the identity & preferences of the owners.

Pockets of courtyards brings ample light into the basement, where a large entertainment room allows for hosting of events & gatherings.

In consideration of a post-Covid home, where flexibility & diversity of spaces are important to support a myriad of activities by family members, the design provides a large variety of indoor & outdoor spaces such as study room, balconies, roof terraces, planters, front garden & courtyards.

This project is currently under construction.